Design · Develop · Deploy

From requirements gathering and analysis, to the design, build, deploy and maintenance phases of your project, Garnet Group will be your partner every step of the way.

Simple, Scalable, Workable Solutions

Database and web design and development, and financial solutions delivered efficiently and on-time.

Whether you need a standard solution to a common challenge, or out-of-the-box thinking to solve complex data manipulations, Garnet Group is there for you and your business.

Our goals are reliability and scalability out of the box. More time spent on intelligent solutions than remediation. Planning for contingencies instead of reacting to emergencies. Designing for a malleable future.

Angular Component

Strategy & Consulting

"Well begun is half done." -- Aristotle
We couldn't agree more.

Given that the most expensive bugs are those created in the early stages (analysis and design) but only discovered too late in the process, choosing the right partner the first time is of critical importance. We are here to get your project headed on the right path from day one.

Design & Development

Design in general, and database design in particular is where we excel.

From metadata-based solutions to entire workflows involving many heterogeneous systems, we produce extraordinary designs and solutions that stand the test of time. We write code that is extremely legible, concise and well-documented; we understand that software lives on like fluid architecture.

Build, Deploy and Maintain

We strive to minimize maintenance, a principle baked into the cake at design.

Our solutions are comprehensive, and consider the full lifecycle of development. If you have a build engineer in-house, we will work closely with them to insure a smooth transition among environments. Post-build, we remedy any issues that might have arisen as proactively as possible.

Depth and Breadth of Experience

Our coverage of many industries -- financial, retail, manufacturing, healthcare/medical -- provides a solid foundation for tackling a myriad of projects.

We’re a development studio based near Boston, Massachusetts with a flexible, nimble team that values personal communication and relationships built with clients during each stage of the software lifecycle.

Known for our solid designs, attention to detail and innovative solutions, we treat your project as if it were our own. We believe the best code is crafted, not just churned out as an exercise in productivity.

With deep understanding of many aspects of the financial industry and many others, you can rest assured that we will not reinvent the wheel -- unless the wheel is broken due to paradigm shift.

Your success is our success; we pride ourselves on our happy clients, referrals and testimonials.